Joshua Cole.

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Making scars on my body only make the pain go away. Self-involvement with
the unknown is a true deep secret. I must scar myself until all the pain
goes away. Even if it means suicide. I don't know why the way I feel this
way, it's just a lifestyle that I have come across in an early stage in
my life. I just want to runaway and never say goodbye and I want to know
the truth, instead of wondering why I have live my life this way. My life
is like a flower that is slowly dying . It's a petal falling as if my
life is just wasting away at nothing to believe in. Scars make everything
okay, it helps me through the pain and suffering. Scars help me go
through the agony that life has brought upon me. I just hope that one day
that people realize when I'm gone that they're the ones to blame for my
departure from this horrible place that they call home. The scar is to
cut and the reason to cut is to bleed, and watch the blood drip fr4om the
cut that you made into a scar as the pain slowly goes away. My life as a
flower wasting away. 





You are here: Home The Community Scars