Joshua Cole.

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Mental Illness

Children shouting in the street: 
You're a mental idiot! - What a treat! 
They call me names their mothers taught them - 
Oh, what ignorance, to heck with the lot of them! 
But, strictly speaking, that's not true: 
The stigma hurts me through and through. 
Sometimes it makes me cry 
When I hear a passer-by 
Say: it's a sin 
They've been in the loony bin! 
The truth is one in four 
That mental illness will land at your door. 
It shows in many a different way: 
Some people can't speak about the way that they feel, 
Others shout and swear at passers-by. 
It could be a chemical imbalance in the brain, 
It could be that living is a strain. 
No matter what the answer may be 
They are all people - like you and me.





You are here: Home The Community Mental Illness