Joshua Cole.

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That mouth is smiling at me now
But I thought I had forgotten how
It can't be me that's looking back
Who is she that has what I lack?
A stranger who has got it right?
One who's managed to win the fight?
How did she survive what I cannot?
She has every flaw that I have got. 
Something's wrong but what is it?
There's something there that doesn't fit
It's in the eyes, I finally see
They're not smiling back at me


I look a bit harder and then I know 
That the smile is just there for show
I do know the person that I can see
That's the person they all think is me

This must be the mask that I wear
To face them all so they don't stare
It hides my tears and my pain
But slowly it drives me insane

For a second there the mask slips
The smile begins to fade from my lips
But the moment passes and now it's back
I must be ready for the next attack

Smile and pretend, laugh and fake
I need to get home before I break
The tears spill out from my eyes
There's nothing left, I realise

Alone I wander to the cliff
I jump and then I'm lying stiff
The end is now and I'm alone
Wonder if they'll notice I am gone


Sick of Life

I’m sick of life what’s the way out
Just let me go I want to shout
Why let me live when I don’t want to
You take people away who really do
I suffer everyday of my life
Sometimes I think of using a knife
Pills, and alcohol are other ideas
I’ve been thinking of ways for years
Good people are taken everyday day
From their loved ones who want them to stay
Why not take me instead of them
Because I really wish that I was dead


The Lost Friend


I had a friend a year ago, 
Now that friend doesn’t say hello, 
I often sit and wonder why, 
But this often makes me cry, 
To have a friend one minute, then their gone, 
Is hard to handle for anyone, 
It’s like being in grief, coz you didn’t say bye, 
But you still can’t understand why,

When you try to talk, but they don’t want to know, 
It’s for the best to try and let go, 
It’s hard to give up on a friend, 
But you will get hurt in the end,

Just as long deep, deep down, 
That friend knows you will still be around, 
If they ever need you there, 
You will always care!


You'll Get There In The End

Although it's like looking 
Through a blocked off funnel, 
Believe me it's not- 
There is light at the end of the tunnel. 
Sometimes it's like hitting 
Your head off a brick wall, 
But in the end you'll get there 
And you'll feel ten feet tall. 
And when you get to the end of the tunnel 
It will be so bright 
You'll find you have to rub your eyes, 
And shield them from the light. 
So, fear not: 
You'll get there in the end, 
Even though it is a long road 
Down which you have to wend.




why did you leave me and go away
why do I live with this pain everyday
why can't we talk and clear the air
why do you treat me like i'm not there
why do we mess up peoples lives
why do we cheat on our husbands or wife's
why is a word I say everyday
why did I mess up and scare you away
why do my moods come and go
why is the question, the answer I don't know

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