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Section 3


How long does it last?

6 months, may be extended for another 6 months and then annually (one year at a time)
What is the reason?

A mental health problem that is of such a nature or degree that it is appropriate for it to be treated in hospital. Also, if treatment can be used to alleviate and prevent deterioration of the problem. Can be used for the protection of the person or of other persons.

Who can issue a section 3?

An Approved Social Worker (ASW) or the nearest relative. Whoever is the person applying for the section; they must have seen the patient within the last 14 days.

Medical say so.

Same as Section 2 except that both certificates by the medical practitioners must contain one diagnosis/symptom in common.

Discharge Procedure

Mostly the same as Section 2. Patient can apply to a tribunal once during the first 6 months of admission, once during the second six months and once again during each subsequent year if no application made after six months, the care will automatically be referred to a tribunal. Section 3 can also be used to detain a person who is deemed unable to care for himself, obtain the care he needs or to prevent exploitation.





You are here: Home Newsflash Section 3