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Section 2


How long does it last?

This is a 28 day section.

What is the reason?

The reason for this section is: A patient suffers from a mental health problem, which warrants a period of assessment in the interests of their own health and safety or for the protection of other persons.

Who can issue a section 2?

An Approved Social Worker (ASW) or the nearest relative. Whoever is the person applying for the section; they must have seen the patient within the last 14 days.

Medical say so:

The application must be backed by two registered medical practitioners – usually a Psychiatrist who knows the patient and preferably the patients own GP. One of the two must be registered as a Section 12 Doctor (having special experience in psychiatry)

Discharge Procedure:

Either by the Psychiatrist, a mental health review tribunal, three members of the hospital's management and rarely the nearest relative. The patient can apply to a tribunal in the first 14 days of admission





You are here: Home Newsflash Section 2