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Getting Help

Financial support

Carers Allowance

  • Carer’s Allowance is a benefit for people over 16 who spend a regular and substantial amount of time caring for a disabled person. It is non-means tested or reliant on National Insurance record. There is however, an earnings limit if they are in paid employment
  • The basic eligibility criteria for claiming carers allowance:
    • aged 16 or over at date of claim…and
    • if in work, must not earn more than £90…and
    • not in full time education…and
    • care for a disabled person for at least 35 hours a week…and
    • the disabled person must receive Attendance Allowance or the high or middle rates of DLA Care Component…and
    • must not be ‘subject to immigration control’…and
    • must normally live in Britain and have been here for 26 out of previous 52 weeks
  • In some circumstances a carer claiming Carer’s Allowance may reduce the means tested benefit of the person they are caring for.  It is therefore recommended to seek advice before claiming carers’ allowance.
  • Carers Allowance Unit: 01253 856123 or visit
  • Carers may also be entitled to reduced council tax and income support.  It is recommended that you seek advice regarding these before applying.

Crisis Loans

As the name suggests this is a type of loan from the benefit office which has to be repaid, the advantage is no interest will be incurred and repayments are usually very small and over a period of time.

For more information please visit Click Here

Emotional support

Supporting someone with a personality disorder can be very emotionally demanding and therefore it is imperative that you look after yourself to enable you to care for your loved one. Most local charities will offer counselling services at either a reduced rate or completely free of charge. BPDWORLD also as a network of specialist therapists who worked throughout the UK. Click here

For those on benefits you may find This Website useful in finding counsellors willing to offer free counselling.

Crisis support

Should the person you are caring for become a risk to themselves or others, you can ask for a mental health act assessment. Should the need arise you would need to contact your GP or local A&E department who would make the necessary arrangements.

Should you be concerned about the person you're caring for in a public place then you would need to call the police on there emergency number. Once they arrive they have the ability to detain someone for the purposes of assessment. This will be done at the police Station, which is considered a place of safety.

Should you feel the person you care for is at risk but would prefer not to go down the route of the mental health act assessment then there is the option of you contacting your local emergency duty team. This is run by this social services department in your area. You will need to contact them during office hours to obtain this number or contact directory enquiries.






You are here: Home Carers Area Getting Help